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What is Go Port Canaveral?

Go Port Canaveral is the oldest and largest destination management company for the cruise traveler in route to the Port Canaveral area. We are a State of Florida licensed and insured seller of travel, specializing in hotel packages with airport and cruise port transportation, and cruise parking.

In addition to being registered and bonded by the Sunshine State as an official Seller of Travel, Go Port Canaveral’s impeccable record of serving the cruising public’s need for transportation and other amenities speaks for itself. We partner with area hotels, transportation companies, and more than 3,000 travel agents within the United States and Canada who use our services to enhance their clients’ travel experience.

With combined years of experience in the travel industry, extensive knowledge of the region, and the cultivation of a large number of delighted clients, our professionals have made Go Port Canaveral the trusted, #1 destination management company in the Port Canaveral area.

What exactly does Go Port Canaveral do?

Our professionals here at Go Port Canaveral have for the past 6 years customized, low-cost Fly Snooze Cruise packages for the cruising public sailing out of Port Canaveral on Carnival, Disney, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian cruise lines. We successfully serve more than 50,000 clients a year with stress-free travel to and from airports, hotels and cruise ships such as Carnival’s Dream, Sensation, Liberty, Sunshine and Ecstasy; Disney’s Fantasy, Dream, Magic and Wonder; Royal Caribbean’s Freedom, Enchantment, Explorer and Monarch; and Norwegian’s Breakaway and Sun.

Go Port Canaveral experts are committed to streamlining cruise travelers’ journey to and from their destinations, consistently and on time. We pride ourselves on efficiency. Once a cruiser books one of our Fly Snooze Cruise packages, they are provided with a Welcome package that includes an easy-to-use, step-by-step itinerary that clearly lays out dates, places, times and phone numbers needed to get to and from cruise destinations. No longer will the cruiser have to deal with multiple pages of reservation confirmations. For convenience, our reservations are all in one place, which means less paper to keep track of; and it can be easily stored on your smartphone or tablet.

Is Go Port Canaveral a subsidiary of the hotel?

No. Go Port Canaveral is an independently-owned destination management company that has excellent working relationships with all the hotels we serve. We partner with hotels and transportation companies in Port Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Cocoa, and Merritt Island, as well as those in the Orlando, Melbourne, and Sanford airport areas to provide the best accommodations and transportation to meet the unique needs of our cruise travelers at the lowest possible cost.

Because we strive to give our clients the premium traveling experience they deserve, our integrity and expertise of providing our services – with friendly professionalism – consistently, efficiently, and at low costs, is recognized among hotels and transportation companies with which we partner. This unmatched teambuilding leads to stable, long-lasting relationships that promote repeat business as delighted cruise travelers return to purchase our packages again and again.

How can Go Port Canaveral offer Fly Snooze Cruise packages lower than the hotels?

Volume Purchasing Power. Go Port Canaveral’s main focus is saving the cruise traveler money with the packages and amenities we offer. It’s what we’re set up to do. Because we are a convenient and consumer-friendly company, we produce a high volume of sales that, in turn, create an attractive business arrangement for both hotels and transportation companies with which we partner.

Once the outlying details of travelers’ cruise vacation are taken care of by us, hotels and transportation companies can do what they do best by providing hospitality, accommodations, and transportation for travelers to get to their cruise ships, airline flights, and other vacation destinations on time.

While volume is the key to keeping costs low, our professionals also work hard to customize packages for the individual needs of each cruise traveler so he or she does not have to be concerned with being gouged for additional services that are not needed in the course of their travels.

And, we are committed to making sure that the cruiser knows there are no hidden costs. Everything is included in the packages and explained up front. Gratuities, of course, are appreciated by the drivers, but are at the sole discretion of the cruise traveler.

More importantly, we want our clients’ experience with us while they are in Florida and the Port Canaveral area to be completely stress-free. We want them to rest assured that the details surrounding their cruise vacation are taken care of and streamlined for convenience.

Are there any additional costs associated with Go Port Canaveral packages?

No. When Port Canaveral cruise travelers purchase a Fly Snooze Cruise or Park and Cruise package with us, they can rest assured that there will be no surprises or additional charges. The final purchase price at check-out not only includes hotel accommodations (some packages also include breakfast), transportation to and from their destinations, but also taxes, tolls and port fees. Again, gratuities are appreciated by the drivers, but are at the sole discretion of the client.

What is Go Port Canaveral cancellation policy?

100% Refundable Packages: Packages can be cancelled for a 100% refund up to (3) days after the date of purchase provided the date of purchase is more than (3) days prior to the date of arrival.

70% Refundable Packages: Packages can be cancelled for a 70% refund after (3) days from the date of purchase provided the cancellation date is more than (3) days prior to the date of arrival.

Non-Refundable Packages: Packages cancelled less than (3) days prior to the date of arrival are non-refundable.

Change Fees: Changes are complimentary up to (3) days after the date of purchase. Changes that increase the package price are exempt from change fees. Changes made after (3) days from the date of purchase will incur a $50 change fee each time a modification is made to the package. Changes must be made at least (3) days prior to the date of arrival.

We only accept changes/ cancellations via phone at (855) 755- 4637 from 9 AM- 9 PM EST seven days a week. Refunds can take 7-10 days to process.

What is shared transport at Go Port Canaveral?

Shared transportation, or shared transport, is a vehicle-sharing arrangement in which travelers share a vehicle or shuttle to lessen the cost of the journey, making costs more economical.

How does Go Port Canaveral schedule transportation when there is a flight delay?

As soon as a cruise traveler knows their flight will be delayed, they should notify the transportation company listed in their welcome package itinerary as soon as possible to make transition upon landing.

What is the shuttle pickup time at the hotel for transport to cruise lines at Port Canaveral?

Go Port Canaveral’s transportation partners offer a variety of scheduled pickup times from all of our hotels for the convenience of the cruise traveler. Pickup times are different at each hotel and could be between 9:30 AM and 1:00 PM. All pickup times are clearly outlined for each hotel during the checkout process.

What is the shuttle pickup time at Port Canaveral when cruise ships return?

Shuttles are continually boarding and departing the Port from the start of your ship's debarkation until 10 AM.

What does self-assist or self-debarkation mean?

In the cruise industry, self-assist means that cruise travelers will keep their luggage the last night of cruise so they can depart without porter assistance. This aids the passenger who have an early morning transportation pick up. Our hotel packages for cruise travelers flying out of the Orlando-Sanford Airport include this self-debarkation process when a shared shuttle provider is used for transportation.